The carpeting was replaced and a new tile flooring put down. This flooring was something new for us - and I think it's a keeper!

There was some water damage under the back window. After that was repaired, some wainscoting was added - a nice touch :)

 The customer wanted an extension put on the end of their counter - added work space, room for some stools for eating? It folds down to get out of the way when not needed.

They also wanted more storage, and behind a flat screen TV is a lot of wasted space. Solution? - add some shelving in the space, a door to hide it and a bracket on the outside to hang the flat screen. Lon liked this solution so much, he said he's going to do it in our 5th wheel

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This is the 'before - they had already started to remove some things, getting ready to rip out the carpet.

The customer loved their trailer - they liked the layout and especially the back windows. Feeling it was maybe time to get something 'newer', they were unable to find anything that they liked as much as the 'old reliable'.

So rather than put a LOT of money into something new that they didn't quite like, they put SOME money into something that they loved. Upgrade a few things, add a few features that they wanted, fixed a few things.....

Here is Matt, working on rebuilding the front over-the- cab part of a Class C motor home.

Originally, we thought it wouldn't be this extensive. But - as happens a lot - until you get it opened up, you can't see the total damage.

The front bed area is a real hot spot for Class Cs. You have to be really diligent of checking for any areas that need resealing and attention! It's not easy to see water coming in from the inside, and unless you are looking for it, it's easy to miss potential problems on the outside until it's a REAL problem.

This is one of our winter jobs - we will have it all rebuilt and sealed up for the customer - ready for another season :)